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Thomas Verhoef

Comply with regulations wtih Telly’s mouth mask detection

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Wearing a face mask protects you and others from the spread of the coronavirus. For now, wearing one is only mandatory on public transport or for certain professions such as hairdressers, waiters, etc.

But how do we keep track? What if there will be a second outbreak and wearing face-masks will be required everywhere we go? How will the government and companies make sure their policies are being carried out?

Telly can help with that. It comes in 2 solutions. First off, you will be able to leverage the data Telly provides to discover when and how much people are wearing mouth masks at the locations you would prefer them to do so. Secondly, there is the possibility to inform your customers as well in a friendly manner when they don’t wear a mouth mask.

Stay tuned for more updates on how we at Telly want to make your virtual store agent more effective and insightful to cater your business goals.

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