Introducing Oswald

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Today we are very proud and excited to officially launch Oswald, a powerful all-in-one chatbot platform for agencies and enterprises!

Over time, people have come up with many different ways to communicate with computer systems. The keyboard, the mouse, the graphical user interface, the touch screen… are all great interfaces that have proven their usefulness in the past. However, our most fundamental way of communicating with each other is through conversation, so wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could communicate with computer systems in the same way? A chatbot, conversational app, virtual assistant… is a computer system that is able to understand natural language and respond accordingly. It can be accessed using a keyboard or your voice, on your smartphone, your computer, your smart speaker, your car, your robot…

Oswald chatbot platform
Oswald chatbot platform

Everything in one place

Until today building chatbots required deep AI skills, a technical background and especially a lot of patience. Some platforms focus on natural language processing, some focus on a clean user interface, some focus on only one type of chatbots, some focus on only one messaging platform, some focus on analytics… and everything becomes very cluttered very quickly!

Introducing Oswald…

Oswald is a powerful, yet intuitive platform for training, building and maintaining intelligent chatbots, from helpful customer support agents to useful personal assistants. Everything you need is in one place, you can build many different types of chatbots and integrate them with many messaging platforms!

  • Powerful AI & NLP
  • Visual scenario builder
  • Code editor
  • Human takeover
  • Integrations
  • Analytics

SaaS or on-premises?

And we can offer even more flexibility: aside from our SaaS plans, we made it possible to install Oswald on your premises. That’s right, Oswald does not require any cloud services to enable its full functionality! You can install it on any server or cloud provider and keep it right next to your other systems and customer data.

With agencies in mind

Oswald is the first chatbot platform that is completely ready for (and built for) agencies who want to create chatbots for their customers. With dedicated customer success managers and educative workshops, we can help you as an agency to get started very quickly. Additionally, the powerful collaboration features make it possible to give the right access to the right customers.

A new generation

There are many different use cases for chatbots, from automating a customer support department, to assisting with an online purchase, to creating an appointment, to a simulate an onboarding process… In some ways, chatbots are the new apps. Apps live inside your smartphone or on your laptop, chatbots live inside your messaging platform (like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype, Slack, Telegram…) or in your voice speaker (like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri…). Are you ready for this new generation of apps?

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