Kate, your personal digital assistant

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“Kate provides customers with unparalleled ease of use by simplifying a number of daily routines, and integrating seamlessly and smoothly into KBC Mobile, helping its customers save time and money.”

Consumers are rapidly changing their habits and raising their expectations. They expect fast, instant, simple, proactive and personal digital services. Customer experience has been key in this digital age and has become a standard for the majority of businesses, which includes KBC.

KBC has been accelerating their digital transformation, as they want to lift customer experience to a higher level. The company continues to invest in traditional physical bank branches and insurance agencies. Moreover, they are well-known for their state-of-the-art banking application, KBC Mobile. To top that off, they want to make their customers' lives even easier. So, it's time to introduce KBC’s personal digital assistant, Kate. 👋🏼

Prototyped by Craftworkz

For customers who prefer digital interactions, Kate will play an important part in providing proactive, timely, personalized and relevant solutions in digital sales and consulting. Kate is an AI-powered personal digital assistant, prototyped by Craftworkz, built on the Oswald platform.

Based on Craftworkz' prototype, KBC will initially focus on its mobile app for the retail customer segment (KBC Mobile in Belgium and the DoKapsy app in the Czech Republic). Moreover, because of artificial intelligence, the app will be even smarter over time. This fits in KBC's customer-centric strategy, as they aim to continuously improve the user's overall experience. The first phase will start in November 2020. Thereafter, they will roll out Kate to business consumers and add more functionalities.

Simply say something

Consumers can ask Kate questions regarding their basic financial transactions (money transfers, insurance claims, and so on). They will even be able to do this by using voicerecognition. Moreover, Kate will make proposals on how to save on energy or parking bills. Consumers are completely free to accept a proposal. In general: Kate will make their lives easier, faster, and can even help save money.

Craftworkz Oswald case