Oswald is introducing multilingual chatbots, human takeover and much more!

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Today we are very excited to introduce a brand-new version of Oswald, available as a free update to all users. We added many new features and performance improvements to make your chatbots more intelligent and powerful.

Multilingual chatbots

One of the biggest frustrations with chatbot platforms is managing multiple languages. Most of the time there are two ways to do this. Both of them are frustrating and devious:

  • Build and maintain a separate chatbot per language: a lot of duplicate work
  • Build and maintain one chatbot and use Google Translate API: bad quality

With Oswald it is now possible to build and maintain one chatbot in multiple languages! The core idea behind this feature is the following: build your chatbot skeleton once (intents, entities and conversational flows) and add and translate the actual content in multiple languages. This idea has been built into the entire platform. It reduces the amount of duplicate work while keeping the NLP accurate and the chatbot response quality high.

With Oswald it is now possible to build and maintain one chatbot in multiple languages!

For more info about the supported languages, visit www.oswald.ai/product.

Human takeover

Bots (and especially bots built with Oswald 😉) are getting smarter and smarter. Sometimes though, a conversation needs human intervention. This human takeover functionality is now built into the Oswald platform. In the scenario builder you can trigger a human takeover suggestion or human takeover request. When these are triggered, the conversation will light up in the new support section of Oswald. When the conversation is assigned to a human person, the bot will not respond until the person assigns the conversation back to the chatbot.

Request takeover in scenario builder

Other improvements

And we added even more new functionality to this new version!

Better and improved AI

Our natural language processing now recognises intents even better and it is much more robust to typos.

Python 3

The Oswald engine is now built using Python 3 instead of Python 2 (which will no longer be maintained past 2020). This means the advanced code responses are now fully compliant with Python 3!

Enterprise-ready organisation management

It is now possible to manage an organisation and chatbot with different roles:

  • A support agent can intervene in conversations (human takeover)
  • A viewer can view the chatbot (read-only)
  • An editor can edit the chatbot, but cannot write code
  • A developer can edit the chatbot and write code
  • An administrator can edit the chatbot, write code and manage roles


Are you interested in these new features? Do you want to build awesome chatbots? Request a free demo at www.oswald.ai/demo!

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