Put your Oswald chatbot to the test

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If you have ever configured a chatbot, you know that testing a chatbot can be a tedious and time-consuming job. After all, you have to test all possible branches in every scenario to ensure that everything works correctly. When you change your chatbot configuration, you should test everything again. And again. And again… 🤔

Today, we solved this problem in our Oswald chatbot platform: introducing Oswald tests! 👨🏻‍🔬

Oswald tests

Oswald tests offer you the possibility to save a happy flow (or unhappy flow) of a conversation in a test case, for example a scenario that is fully completed by a user. You can save as many test cases as you’d like. At any point in time, you can run your tests. Oswald will automatically execute the same conversation. If the expected chatbot responses match with the test responses, everything’s okay and you get a succes ✅ If not, you get an error ❌ No more repetitions, Oswald does all the testing for you! Easy enough?

How does it work?

In the chatbot test window you can converse with your chatbot. If you want to save the conversation, just click on the new 💾 icon. Choose a name for your test and press save. In the new “Tests” page (in the menu) you can see, run and edit your tests.

Run the tests and see the results
Run the tests and see the results

More advanced stuff

If you’re a little bit technical, you can even view the expected chatbot responses in their JSON format. You can edit these expected JSON responses as you please. Furthermore, you can add regular expressions to these JSON objects to make your tests less static and more powerful! Finally, the bot brain is right there at your disposal to debug the chatbot if necessary. Think about the time you will save! 😱


Are you interested in these new features? Do you want to build awesome chatbots? Request a free demo at www.oswald.ai/demo!

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