QNTM: Entering the era of Quantum Computing

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Raccoons is very proud to present a brand new initiative: QNTM. Yes, today we are taking our very first steps — carefully, but determined — into the magical world of Quantum Computing.

Quantum what?

A quantum computer is, just like a ‘regular’ computer, a machine that is able to do some calculations. However, quantum computers are fundamentally different from regular computers. In a regular computer, the basic unit of information is a binary digit, or bit. A bit can represent a zero or a one. Bits are the most elementary parts of every modern computer. Quantum computers do not use these bits. They use qubits. A qubit can represent a zero, a one or a combination of both zero and one at the same time. This phenomenon is called superposition and it will change the way we think about modern computing. It gives quantum computers the possibility to calculate on all possible inputs at the same time meaning that these computers could theoretically work on millions of computations at once, where a classical computer would have to perform these calculations sequentially.

Qubits in superposition

Quantum computers are therefore much more powerful than regular computers and it is already known that they will completely disrupt many fields like:

  • Machine learning
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Computer science
  • Cryptography
  • Logistics

At this point, we are still in the beginning of the quantum era. However, with IBM releasing its first commercial quantum computer, Q System One, we can start exploring the new paradigms of quantum programming and the corresponding quantum algorithms.

Quantum Computing timeline
Quantum Computing timeline


Quantum Computing will arrive sooner than you might think. Even though classical supercomputers are still superior to their quantum counterparts today, we believe it is important to inform yourself right now about the power of quantum computers and the way they might change your business in the future. We at QNTM, an initiative by Raccoons, describe ourselves as quantum evangelists. With presentations, masterclasses and even hands-on workshops, we want to inform the world about the revolution that stands before us.

QNTM logo

Join the QNTM Quantum Computing revolution

You can join one of our QNTM events to explore the world of Quantum Computing together with us. However, if you’re organising an event and you would like to host an inspiring talk about Quantum Computing or you’re a CIO interested in a one on one session, we would be thrilled to help you out!

Finally, we want to build an open quantum community in Belgium. We created a Slack channel Quantum Computing BE and would like to encourage everyone with even the slightest interest in Quantum Computing to join this channel to learn, discuss and share ideas:

Join our Slack on www.qntm.be!

Feel free to contact us for more information:

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